About Us

At Avaneidi, we are redefining the future of enterprise storage with cutting-edge solutions that span from basic storage media management to our proprietary Operating System.

Our innovative approach seamlessly integrates hardware, firmware, and software, all meticulously crafted with a rigorous "Security by Design" philosophy. This results in an unprecedented level of security and reliability, setting a new benchmark for enterprise-quality storage.

Proudly 100% Italian, our team combines global expertise of industry veterans with the fresh perspectives of brilliant young engineers. Our founders launched Avaneidi to address the significant gap in enterprise storage initiatives within Europe, recognizing the critical importance of data security.

What we enable hold significant geopolitical weight, signaling Europe's stride towards autonomy from conventional suppliers in this realm. We firmly advocate for this independence, recognizing its paramount importance in safeguarding our data's security and sovereignty.

Avaneidi stands as the first high-security storage solution to be entirely designed and engineered in Italy, building on the rich legacy of Italian scientists who have contributed immensely to world technology throughout history

We are committed to expanding our engineering team and welcome brilliant minds from all over the world. Our goal is to foster a diverse and inclusive environment that drives innovation and excellence.

Pioneering the future of secure data storage, we strive to provide an unmatched platform for safeguarding your valuable information, setting new standards for security and reliability.